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Transportations, activities and local knowledge
Hannu Holmberg:
​tel. 050 36 97971

Hannu has years of experience of being an entrepreneur and working as a guide. He’s from Utsjoki, and knows the place like the back of his hand (which includes the best fishing areas) ​and how to perform safely in the wilderness. Hannu has an EA1 pass and training in first Aid, and good language skills in English and Norwegian as he used to live years in Norway.

Customer service, activities
Whatsapp: 040 505 9080

Anne-Marie is a year-round hiker with a background in nature guiding.
Short-distance destinations as well as hiking trails have become familiar on the years of living in Utsjoki.

In addition to guided tours, Anne-Marie handles customer service. In addition to training as a nature guide, she is also a practical nurse and speaks good english.