Well-being from nature – a weekend retreat at Karetörmä, Nuorgam 24-26.11.2023

Come to enjoy the beginning of the polar night to Nuorgam!

During the weekend, we enjoy the last rays of the winter sun by meditating, hiking in the nature of the fells, enjoying the wellness sauna and good food. The wellness weekend culminates in swimming in natural waters.

The weekend is guided by natureguide Anne-Marie Holm and nature entrepreneur Anne Hännikäinen.

For 4-6 persons

Includes: cabin accommodation in double rooms 24-26.11, guided tour, meditations, sauna and jacuzzi, lunch, dinner and breakfast and evening snacks.

Price: 380€/person


Friday 24.11: at 17:00 we gather at the Karetörmä cottage in Nuorgam, get to know each other by the campfire with welcome drinks, take a sauna, bathe in the jacuzzi and relax by candlelight while enjoying mocktails guided by Anne. Waffles and berry tart for dinner.

Saturday: gentle awakening, wake up the body for the day – meditation and enjoy breakfast. We go on a trip to the nature of the fells guided by Anne-Marie, we have a snack, after the trip we enjoy lunch in a hut by the fell stream.

Private time at the cabin before the evening program. Relaxing head massage meditation, sauna and jacuzzi. For dinner, campfire baked bread with salsa.

Late evening snack and relaxing program at the campfire.

Sunday: breakfast, short hike with snacks and a possibility to swim in open waters.


Registration and more info:

& 040 505 9080

Wintertime camping course 17-19.11. & 1-3.12.2023

We organize a winter camping course in the wilderness of Kaldoaivi on the legendary Hillagammi- cottage. The course teaches winter camping, camp life and wilderness skills you need in cold weather. You will receive a list of the equipment you need, you can rent the missing ones from us.

The course is suitable for a person who has no previous winter camping experience.


The day starts on Friday at the 70North office in Nuorgam at 10:00. We check the equipment and, depending on the snow situation, we hike either on foot or on skis for a five-kilometer distance to Hillagammi – a wilderness cabin where we have lunch and go over how to spend the night in winter and set up camp. During the course, two nights are spent in tents, participants have the opportunity to move to the warmth of the cabin during the night.

On Saturday, we will take a day trip to nearby Ávvačohka-hill, take a sauna and enjoy dinner. In the evening we move to tents for the night.

On Sunday, we break down camp and go skiing back to the 70North office after breakfast.

Includes: cottage accommodation, tent (shared for two) & lunch+dinner, information letter sent to e-mail and equipment list. The guide is nature guide  Anne-Marie Holm.

Group size: 6 people, takes place with four participants

Price: €370/person incl. €100 reservation fee, which is paid upon registration.
The entire price will be returned if the course does not take place. The reservation fee is kept if the participant cancels itsself.

Inquiries and registration +358 40 505 9080 (whatsapp) or
The course is organized by 70North and Northern trails.