Enjoy the seasons

Outside of the winter season, you can fish, mountain bike and hike in an magnificent environment. We can also arrange for you to try canoeing in the beautiful Teno River and access to our optional transportation services in the wilderness.

Nightless night hike

Includes: guiding
Group size: 2-6 persons
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 40€/ person

Available until July 26, 2022. Excursions start at the 70North office at 9 pm and end at midnight.

Experience the beauty of a nightless night and the silence on a guided tour. If the weather is favorable, you can enjoy the sunshine over the three mountain peaks and experience the northernmost natural beauty of Finland at night.
On cooler cloudy nights the sun paints the sky with its colors or raises a light mist into the valleys. Depending on the time of the season, on the hike we´ll see the bloom of mountain plants, birds that lives in the area and late in summer the crowberries, blueberries and cloudberries will ripen in the swamps and on the slopes of the fells. 


Kayaking at Pulmankijoki- river, Norway

Includes: instruction on how to use the kayak and equipment
Group size: 2-4 persons
Duration: 3-4 hours
Price: 2 guests 80€/ person, 4 guests 60€/person

Go with us on a kayaking trip to the peaceful Alapulmankijoki in Norway. On our kayaking trips, you will get to know how to use a kayak and experience the natural beauty of northernmost Lapland through the waterways. The banks of the clear-water rivers offer many things to see, both in terms of scenery and birdlife, with good luck you can see a golden eagle flying over the steep sandy slopes of Alapulmankijoki. Previous kayaking experience is recommended for the trip.

More info +358 405059080

Guided mountain bike tour for two

Includes: guiding, electric mountain bike and full battery, snacks
Group size: 2 persons
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 95€/ person

Go on a mountain bike trip to the beautiful fell landscapes of Kaldoaivi accompanied by a guide and discover the beauty of the fell nature. On the trip, we cycle on Tunturi e-max electric fatbikes along a good off-road track in the open tuntur, past the tunturi streams, swamps and the old reindeer separation fence for a snack break. The trip includes pot coffees and snacks, you can bring your own snacks. In August, there is opportunity to stop to pick up berries. The bikes have bags, so you don’t necessarily need to bring your own backpack.

Tour starts from Njállavárri intersection.

Vetsijoki scenic tour

Includes: guiding, small snacks
Group size: 2-6 persons
Duration: 2-3 hours
Price: 80€/ person

The landscapes that open up from the fells surrounding Vetsikko make hikers stop and enjoy what they see. Both Tenojoki and Vetsijoki flow meandering, offering a unique experience in the bosom of nature.

On the Vetsijoki hiking trip, you will get to know the river’s bubbles and climb up the slope of the fell to look at the scenery of Tenojoki. For a photographer, a hiking trip is rewarding because of the terrain’s vegetation, paths and views.

Tour of autumn colors 11.9.2023 – 28.9.2023

Includes: cooked lunch & coffee in the countryside and rides to destinations and back from our office
Group size: 2-4 persons
Duration: 5-6 hours
Price: 2 guests 120€/person or 4guests 90€/person

On a guided tour, you will get to see Finland’s northernmost autum beauty – the colors of ruska. During our hiking tours, you can see ruska from easily accessible places, sometimes further away from the most crowded paths.

On a day trip, we take you to two different destinations to get to know autumn nature. The trips include hiking, along the way there is an opportunity to photograph the rapids, Tenojoki, ground brown in the open tundra, and berry picking. At the first destination in Vetsikko, we hike to the slope of the fell and enjoy a soup lunch in the countryside. Afternoon hiking includes a coffee break at a sheltered spot in the open tundra.