Expeditions and longer hikes

Take part in multi-day snowmobile expeditions or hikes in the Kaldoaivi wilderness! Experience the magic of the wilderness in a professional company.

Snowmobile expedition to Kaldoaivi and Paistunturi wilderness areas and Arctic ocean 24-29.2.2024

On an unforgettable six-day snowmobile safari, you drive through the two northernmost wilderness areas in Europe, visit the three northernmost villages in Finland, and experience enchanting moments by the barren winter nature.

The snow glistening in the sun, the frost steaming from the breath and the snow surface creaking under the steps offer a unique experience of experiencing nature in February on a snowmobile. The safari is driven on a marked snowmobile route and in wilderness areas known by guide, in large swamps and fells.

On the last day, we will visit the Arctic Ocean on the Norwegian side.

During the safari, we have lunch in nature and in local restaurants. Accommodation is in fully equipped cabins, a real wilderness cabin and hotel rooms. On the expedition, you are part of a group – the food is prepared together and you get to heat the sauna and the cabin with help from the guide.

The snowmobiles are either 600 ace or 900 ace or, for an extra price, an 800 e-tec deep snow snowmobile. The guide is a local and knows the fells like his own backyard. In addition to regional knowledge, the guide has years of experience in organizing snowmobile safaris.

The price includes cabin and hotel accommodations, breakfast, lunch and dinner, transportation, guidance, fuel and snowmobile rental.


Day 1.

Pickup from the airport in Ivalo and a transportation to the Tunturikelo cottage in Nuorgam. Tunturikelo has the possibility of a sauna. In the evening we will have dinner. If possible we look driving gear ready.

Day 2.

After breakfast, the snowmobile safari starts at the 70North location near Tunturikelo. We drive along the snowmobile route deeper into the Kaldoaivi wilderness and finally through the wilderness to the Riekkojärvi wilderness cottage. On the way, we will stop for lunch at a cottage Skiehtsaras located in the middle of the wilderness. Riekkojärvi offers a sauna, and dinner is prepared in the evening.

Day 3.

On the third day, we drive from Riekkojärvi along the snowmobile route via Kaamanen to Karigasniemi to the hotel. Along the way, we will have lunch at Kiellajoki’s restaurant. At the hotel, we will have dinner.

Day 4.

From Karigasniemi, the journey continues through the Paistunturi wilderness to Utsjoki and from there to Nuorgami to the Hillagammi cottage, which was chosen as one of Europe’s most unique holiday homes in 2019, or to the wonderful Karetörmä fisherman’s cottage on the banks of Tenojoki. Lunch at the Utsjoki hotel along the way and dinner is prepared at the cabin. Sauna possibility.

Day 5.

On the fifth day, we drive to the Arctic Ocean for a day trip. At the end of the day, we return to the same cabin in Nuorgam. Lunch on the Norwegian side and dinner in the cabin.

Day 6.

Leaving the cabin and arriving at the 70North office.


3000€/ person if there is 2 persons
2150€/ person if there is 4 persons
2000€/ person if there is 5 persons

Terms of payment: 10% booking fee and the rest 90% one week before arrival.

Longer winter hike to Kaldoaivi wilderness area 8-12.4.2024

Go on a unique ski hike to the spring hang of Finland’s largest wilderness!

On the hike, you ski in varied landscapes with daypacks, the snowmobile transport takes care of the overnight equipment to the campsites. During the hike, you will spend the night either in tents or in a log cabin with a fireplace. In the middle of the day, we will go on a photography trip in the open fell where the snowy owl has been observed flying. On the fourth day, we will ski through the Buolzzat ridge formation to the Riekkojärvi wilderness cabin, where you can have a sauna and spend the night in the cabin.

Ski hiking is suitable for those who have skied longer distances, for a beginner winter hiker the hike can be challenging. On a hike, the guide introduces and helps in all matters related to winter camping.

Price; 450€/person, booking fee €100 will be returned if the hike does not take place. The course is implemented with four participants.

More info; +358 40 5059080 or